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December 17, 2009


Juvenile Arrested for Bomb Threats

On Monday, December 14 and again on Tuesday, December 15 the Principal of Renton's Dimmitt Middle School in the Skyway neighborhood received several anonymous emails containing threats to blow up the school, set fire to the school and shoot to death students of the school.

On both occasions the King County Sheriff’s Office Bomb Squad responded and conducted sweeps utilizing bomb detection dogs. No explosives were found.

Considerable resources were expended in order to insure the safety of students and staff.

An investigation by Precinct 4 Criminal Investigations resulted in the arrest of a 13 year-old student of Dimmitt Middle School. He was booked into the Youth Services Center and felony charges are pending. A search warrant was served and a search conducted at the residence of the suspect. The search utilized personnel from the KCSO and ATF and included bomb detection dogs.

No weapons or bomb making materials were found, though detectives did seize undisclosed evidence linking the suspect to the threats.










































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