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May 15, 2009


Carriage Crest Walks Paws to Safety

In an effort to reinforce personal safety habits, Carriage Crest Elementary spent a month focused on activities titled "Walk Your Paws to Safety."

“Walk Your Paws to Safety was a great success for Carriage Crest, especially First Grade," said Carriage Crest's Instructional Coach Susan Fish. "In an initiative to 'catch kids walking safely,' we encouraged each grade level to compete for paws that honored every student who participated in the contest. First graders 'stepped up' to the challenge and won the most number of paws!" 

The month-long event was displayed on a bar graph on the front hallway bulletin board. 

Ambitious 6th grader, Melanie R., took a leadership role as a safety patrol (under the guidance of Mrs. Martha Arneson, EA, and Mrs. Susan Fish, Instructional Coach). She made created colored paws for each grade, designed the bulletin board, planned the celebration, wrote a jingle, and made individual certificates of achievement. 

First graders commemorated their success with a “Make Your Own Sundae” party on May 1. 

"Needless to say, this initiative was a 'howling' success!" said Fish.


"Carriage Crest Walks Paws to Safety"


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Working on Safety

Carriage Crest students show their Walk Your Paws to Safety art.


Walk Your Paws to Safety Mascot