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June 24, 2010


Three Coming Up
Fairwood Neighborhoods
Ready to Wheel & Deal this Summer

Three nearby neighborhoods are preparing for an onslaught of garage sale frenzy in the next few weeks. Break out the change, gas up your car and get ready to wheel & deal!

Community Garage Sales are a part of the tradition of the Fairwood area, a time when neighbors clear out the closets to sell what to one person is trash and another is treasure.

This weekend signals the beginning of summer for Garage Sales, and Fairwood residents will be treated to not one, but FOUR community garages sales. First on the schedule this weekend include The Parks, Woodside, Forest Estates, and Boulevard Lanes communities. While The Parks and Woodside Forest Estates sales are one day only on Saturday, June 6, Boulevard Lanes will open their garages for three days, June 5-7, and Forest Estates' sale runs Friday and Saturday, June 5-6.

Community Garage Sales are a great opportunity to draw larger crowds because of the volume of participating sellers. It also allows some communities better control of the amount of traffic.

"One of the greatest benefits that we have seen is that by consolidating garage sales in the neighborhood we can advertise and have more traffic than independent sales.  We do not allow individual garage sales at other times during the year," said The Parks HOA President Dave Horency.

Lake Desire HOA Secretary Heather Smith said an additional benefit to clearing out the clutter is spending time with neighbors. "It is a nice way to meet the neighbors and learn more about them," said Smith.

Forest Estates promotes their sale by advertising on Craigslist and the Seattle Times, and they also posts a sign. "It is up to individual homeowners to participate or not and put a sign in front of their yard. Participation has varied widely over the years," said HOA Secretary Jane Sherrill.

With the economic challenges faced this year, we're betting on a high level of buyers looking for great bargains this summer.

Three Fairwood neighborhoods are scheduled to hold community sales in the next few weeks, with two this weekend.

Get shopping!

Fairwood West - THIS WEEKEND (June 25-27)

Maple Ridge Estates - THIS WEEKEND (June 25-27)

Fairwood Greens - July 9-10



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