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August 10, 2010


Family Fun, Seattle Rain
Fairwood Greens Community
holds Second Annual 'Sunday in the Park'

Fairwood Greens neighbors rolled over to nearby Allen Park to spread blankets, break out the picnic and spirits, and have some good old-time neighborly fun. Band Seattle Rain moved some to get up and dance at the Greens' second annual "Sunday in the Park" (SIP) event on August 8.

While all who participated in the event had a wonderful time, this year's festivities attracted a lighter crowd because of overcast skies and cooler weather. Band Seattle Rain returned to entertain the appreciative group, playing all-time rock favorites. According to board member Bonnie Lyon, last year's SIP drew an impressive number of neighbors that crowded the stage to dance to popular band tunes.

"People had a really great time," said Lyon.

Fairwood Greens intends to continue this event each year and welcome neighbors from other nearby communities to join the fun.











































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