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Fairwood Community News (www.fairwoodcommunitynews.com) is the sole online news source for the greater Fairwood area. Fairwood Community News includes information to residents from the City of Renton to Maple Valley, including student news from Renton, Kent and Tahoma School Districts. 

Capabilities to network the Fairwood area are limitless.  We intend to engage communities in a comprehensive way.  We want everyone to be involved and the site to be the online resource for news, and the network is expanding daily.

Working collaboratively with the community, Fairwood Community News' Vision is to be the primary resource for online information and news, engaging all residents in the greater Fairwood area.

The term “Fairwood” is loosely defined.  Communities we're interested in span from Maple Valley Highway to the north Renton Highlands area and as far south as communities south of Kentridge High School.  If more want to be involved, all they need to do is contact us.  This is a powerful resource of Fairwood news for all.

Estimates are that the Fairwood area includes a population of over 25,000, and we understand grass-roots news source's strength is dependent upon readers.


Homeowner Classifieds are also offered at NO CHARGE


Another appealing element is that Fairwood Community News offers to provide a website for local HOAs AT NO CHARGE

We understand that these groups can use a vehicle that will allow them to communicate with its residents and believe we can be of service by offering that resource in one place.

For an example of features HOAs may include, check out Fairwood West Homeowners Association, Candlewood Ridge/ Carriagewood, Boulevard Lane, or Lake Desire Home Pages. 

To utilize this service, interested Homeowners Associations should contact Fairwood Community News at info@fairwoodcommunitynews.com to activate their site.

Residents within homeowners associations are encouraged to ask their boards to post Fairwood Community News information in their meeting minutes, email homeowners about the new site, and utilize the free website services. 

tag www.fairwoodcommunitynews.com as one of your favorites.  Our site will post regular updates. 

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