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Kentridge Speech and Debate Team Members
Win Five 'Superior' Awards at Tourney

October 29, 2008

Congratulations go out to five Speech and Debate team members from Kentridge High School for winning five "Superior" Awards at the two-day Gig Harbor High School Invitational Tournament October 24-25.

Of note, this dedicated group gave up precious "prep and primp" time others enjoyed to prepare for the Saturday evening Homecoming Dance. We hope these scholars were able to also return home in time to enjoy those festivities, as they're also a part of the greater Kentridge Team.

Winners of Superior Awards and Categories include:Trophy

Satinder Haer, Oratory

Corey Jaenicke, Expository Speaking

Manpreet Sandhu, Impromptu Speaking

Satinder Haer, Editorial Commentary

Arjun Gupta, Extemporaneous Speaking

To a not-so-silent group of hard-working Chargers, your efforts are recognized for the time it takes to prepare for these events and the courage and skill required to "deliver" at the top of your group!


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