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Fairwood Greens

Fairwood Greens is a cornerstone development bordering the east side of 140th Ave. SE, just north of Fairwood's commercial areas. The Fairwood Golf & Country Club weaves throughout this community.

With 1,499 homes, Fairwood Greens is one of the first communities built in the Fairwood area in the mid-1960s. It is also the largest development in the area.

An active homeowners association, the HOA sponsors
an annual Garage Sale and an end of Summer Community Picnic Celebration.

Fairwood, a friendly bedroom community is a short commute to a variety of Puget Sound locations, including a 30-45 minute commute to Downtown Seattle.

News from Fairwood Greens

May 12
By Erin Aboudara

Fairwood Town Hall Meeting
On April 4th, several members of the Board attended the King County Fairwood Town Hall meeting that was held at Fairwood Elementary.  I want to offer a big THANK YOU to all the homeowners that attended this very important meeting.  King County Councilman Reagan Dunn presented the public meeting and Sheriff John Urquhart participated, as were several King County government department representatives also in attendance.  Sheriff Urquhart reported that in general, in Fairwood despite the recent double homicide, the number of violent crimes here and in nearby unincorporated King County are down.  Unfortunately, property crimes such as burglary and car prowls are up.  He also reported that as of May 1st, there would be 8 deputies on patrol south of I-90.  This is a service reduction reflective of the current Sheriff’s Office budget.  Several homeowners asked questions such as, “What info should be given to 911 to give them the necessary info they need to get people the type of response they need quickly?”  He said that people should answer the 911 dispatcher’s questions and inform him/her of what is going on that relates to the type of emergency (medical, fire or police) and then they will decide if it needs to be sent to the non-emergency dispatcher and if a deputy is needed.  He went on to say that there would be a total of 6 detectives to cover property crime investigations from NE King to SE King in unincorporated King County.  One of the biggest crime problems that King County has currently is ongoing gang problems and tagging of property.

Sheriff's Visibility to Increase
A homeowner asked about the Sheriff’s Office storefront in Fairwood and also about the Maple Valley KCSO Precinct that was closed early last year.  Sheriff Urquhart stated emphatically that there will be more coverage at the storefront soon and that the “surplus property” of the precinct building was not sold to any buyers and now, they realize that it is still needed.  He hopes to reopen it again within a short time as well.  It is important to note that Reagan Dunn had opposed the closure of the precinct all along, as he also lives not far from here in unincorporated Maple Valley.  I recall e-mailing him about this when we were facing budget cuts about 2 years ago, expressing my concern that we needed our police here and that the precinct was needed to serve remaining areas of unincorporated SE King County and he strongly agreed with me, and then some of the other council members apparently did not agree and voted against what is best for Fairwood and its vicinity in regards to law enforcement coverage.

Homicide Case Update
A deputy prosecuting attorney came to give a brief report about the homicide suspect.  Earlier that day in Seattle at King County Superior Court, the suspect was arraigned and faces 2 counts of Aggravated Murder, 1st Degree, for which he plead Not Guilty.  It may be at least 30 days and perhaps more for King County Prosecutor Dan Satterberg to determine given the weight of evidence whether or not to seek the death penalty in this case.  There is likely a minimum of 6-9 months before a trial date will be set.  The suspect remains in King County Jail with no option to bail.

Community Conversation
I also wish to thank the homeowners that attended the community conversation for the neighborhood study that we were asked to participate in by the local office of the National Park Service and Oregon State University.  When I receive Fairwood Greens final study results, I will share them with everyone, should be fun to see.  Homeowners discussed what they liked best about this community, but also any drawbacks that we have.  People like that we have a golf course for recreation and parks and trails in and just outside our neighborhood, that we have neighborhood security services, mature trees and no “cookie cutter” housing, that having some good schools is a plus, we have a friendly neighborhood, close to shopping.  Drawbacks were things like an increased commute time over some other communities or problems with theft and vandalism that does occur more than we’d like in our community


April 1
By Erin Aboudara

OSU Study
I participated in an event on March 9th that was put on at the Fairwood Library for Fairwood Greens residents only.  The event is part of a study being conducted by Oregon State University and the local Pacific Northwest Research Station of the U.S. Forest Service.   Because they did not have enough participants, there will be one more opportunity for Fairwood Greens residents to participate in this study that focuses on how our residents use parks and recreation activities they enjoy.  Also it focuses greatly on why we choose to live in Fairwood Greens vs. another neighborhood.  I thought it was very interesting to be a participant and I hope that our homeowners will want to attend the last opportunity for input on the study, to be held in the meeting room at Fairwood Library on Saturday, April 20th, from 3:30-5 PM and there will be refreshments!  Please contact Dr. Rebeca Rivera, study coordinator, at 425-505-0709 or e-mail her at OSUcommunity.rec.study@gmail.com to RSVP.  They need at least 8 more residents from Fairwood Greens to come and take part in this short research “community conversation” about what we like to do for recreation (does not have to be in Fairwood, what you choose to do for recreation).  I found that I used public parks and open space much more frequently throughout King County than I ever realized when I did their mapping activity.  We put up small colored dots to show our 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc. favorite places to go for fun.  A study like this is designed to assist urban planning, parks and recreation needs as well as natural resources for the future in the county and some cities in eastern King County.

Comprehensive Planning Open House
In late February, I attended a Comprehensive Planning open house at the Renton City Hall.  Every 8 years, cities are required under the state’s Growth Management Act (GMA) to update their anticipated needs for the next 20 years in regard to land use, housing, economic development, transportation, parks and recreation, etc.  Because Fairwood is part of Renton’s proposed annexation area (PAA), while our neighborhood is not being focused in at this time for annexation, we are mentioned several times in the current Comprehensive Plan and I expect this will remain in the plan.  The city will have to submit its updated plans to the state by June 30, 2015.  This is the beginning of their process and I have requested to be on their notice list for future meetings.

Fairwood Community News Welcomes
Fairwood Greens HOA
to the FCN Community

March 24
Fairwood Community News is pleased to add Fairwood Greens Homowners Association to our collaborative group of organizations that supports FCN's mission to be a vital resource of information in real time to the greater Fairwood area. Fairwood Greens HOA includes 1499 homes.

While Fairwood Greens HOA maintains its own website, they are also interested in participating with the FCN network, supporting its information resource component. Readers will see Fairwood Greens news posts of community information on FCN's homepage, and that information generated will also be posted on their web page within the FCN website.

"We're pleased Fairwood Greens sees the value in FCN's ability to strengthen our community as the local online information resource," said publisher Tami Tedrow-Howard.

"Fairwood Greens is a cornerstone community, and we look forward to this partnership as we have with other homeowners associations in the area."

Fairwood Greens HOA Vice President Erin Aboudara took a few moments to talk about this new partnership and provide a number of items of interest to our community. We'll share that information in two parts.

FCN: Welcome to the FCN Group! We're excited about engaging with Fairwood Greens! Tell us a bit about your history with us.

Erin: I have been looking for modern ways to communicate with our homeowners and the surrounding community, and I think what Fairwood Community News offers people is an interesting and engaging way to get more out of our of local news faster than print media, and advertising that is geared to our greater Fairwood community.  

This could not have been more evident a few years back during the second incorporation campaign in 2009--when public comment was very active on issues that would impact our community's future.  

Of course, at that time I was not on the FGHOA Board.   I was a PTA mom with two elementary schoolers at Fairwood, and I volunteered to help the pro-incorporation campaign of a proposed city of Fairwood, which as we all know failed--but not as badly as the annexation to Renton option the following year.  

At this time, I am fairly neutral on all of that, given the state of the local and national economy.  I think remaining unincorporated and continuing to work with the county as much as possible is the wisest choice for now, that is what the voters have said three times in just a few years time.

They could change their minds in the future, but we don't know what that may be at this time.  Our HOA Board does not take a position at this time on those issues.  

FCN: You're right; we were very invested in providing as much information from both sides during that public process. People were really engaged, and we were pleased to be that conduit so the community could make an informed decision.

Tell me a bit more about your role on the Fairwood Greens HOA Board (FGHOA). We're excited about your connections, which we know will be an asset to our readers for information.

Erin: My volunteer work for the FGHOA is currently serving as Vice President, and I am the External Affairs/Government Relations Chair.  I have made some contacts in the county government, and the city of Renton, Fire District 40 & Renton Fire & Emergency Services through the emergency preparedness project. I took on this shortly after the Japanese earthquake in March 2011 when I did CERT training, and even now, with this study from local office the National Park Service and Oregon State University, focusing on community recreation and use of parks, trails, etc. by our homeowners.  

I feel I have had a great opportunity to represent our neighborhood and keep people in the area informed about what is going on around us these past nearly three years.   I have made some new friends of the Board members and other homeowners that I may have never gotten to know if I did not decide to accept a Trustee position in 2010.  

I highly recommend to your readers that they consider serving on their HOA Board--it is valuable to help the neighborhood, maintain and even improve home values by doing improvements to common areas, and keep the community safe and informed of news that may affect them at home.

FCN: Great plug for volunteering on your own HOA Board! Not only will those connections benefit one's neighborhood, but it's clear personal growth and lasting friendships result.

Look for our Part 2 discussion soon!

As always, Fairwood Community News welcomes all HOAs to participate in the network. Whether your HOA need is a fully operating website or as an information/network resource, your participation is free and fully customizable. Examples of that customization can be viewed by clicking the HOAs listed below.

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Please contact us at info@fairwoodcommunitynews.com.

Fairwood Greens Residents invited
to a 'Community Conversation'
set for March 9

March 2
By Erin Aboudara
Oregon State University will hold a Community Satisfaction and Outdoor Recreation "community conversation," at the Fairwood Library, 17009 140th Ave SE, on Saturday, March 9th, from 2:30-4 PM.  In addition to the discussion, additional activities may include a short survey and mapping activity.

The event is limited to only 30 participants, so Fairwood Green residents are encouraged to please call Dr. Rebeca Rivera, study coordinator at (425) 505-0709 or e-mail to OSUcommunity.rec.study@gmail.com to participate or to obtain more information about this study.  Residents must be 18 or older in order to participate.  Survey participant names will remain anonymous.

This event is being held by the local branch of the US Forest Service in partnership with Oregon State University.   Such topics to be included in the conversation with Fairwood Greens residents will be neighborhood selection and general satisfaction with recreational and outdoor activities.  

The purpose of this research partnership is to help public agencies better understand the needs for housing, transportation and outdoor recreation throughout King County.

Fairwood Greens is one of only eight neighborhoods that have been pre-selected for this study.  It will be the only unincorporated King County neighborhood included in the final study.  The Fairwood Greens Homeowners' Association has no affiliation with the research study.