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Minutes of Meeting
February 9, 2017
Monthly Board Meeting

The regular monthly business meeting of the Fairwood West Homeowners’ Association Board of Trustees was called to order at 7:10 pm on Thursday February 9th, 2017.  Trustees in attendance were Chris Hurless, Paul Buelow, Dave Sherman, Richard Snyder, Eileen Richards, Brandy Bradford, and Christine Sylvia.    Also in attendance was Barb Simeona and a Renton Fire Department Representative.



Any changes to the outside of your home must have
an approved architectural control form on file
prior to work being done on the home.

You can locate the form on the Fairwood West website as noted below.

Visit the Fairwood West website located at www.fairwoodcommunitynews.com. Under the navigation bar,
hover over “Active HOAs” and select Fairwood West. 
Here you can find meeting minutes, architectural control
request forms, CC&Rs and contact information.


Renton Fire Department – “Healthy Heart Month” in cooperation with Hope Heart Institute and Valley Medical Center will be February thru May this year. 

The focus is now more in the schools in Renton and Issaquah.  They reached over 3,000 kids last year.  10% of those kids reached had high blood pressure or high blood sugar. 

They would like to encourage people to have annual physicals, eat healthy, stop smoking, avoid stress, limit salt and exercise at least 30 minutes per day.

Fire District 40 offers CPR once a month at Station 13 and are having a hard time filling the classes.  It’s not a certification but you get a card showing you are trained.  The class is 1.5 hours long and it’s free.  Contact Fire District 40 for a schedule.

It was reported that they have responded to 2,032 calls in the last 1.5 months and explained the benefit surcharge which gives them the ability to provide more staff and better service to the citizens of the area.

The biggest causes of fire this time of year are space heaters and non-maintained chimneys.

Molasses Creek/Park Pipeline – Chris reported that the project is moving ahead nicely.  Per his King County point of contact they are in the bid vetting process and possibly could start construction in June of this year.

Homeowner Appeals – No one was present to appeal.

Community Events – The Annual Garage Sale will be June 23-25th.  Eileen reported that she will be purchasing a new banner.

There will be no Easter Egg Hunt this year.
There will be no Dumpster Days this year.

Pride In Ownership – On hold until spring.

Minutes of the Previous Meeting – A motion was made 2nd and approved to accept the January meeting minutes as presented. 

Financial Report – The monthly financial report was accepted as presented. 

Barb explained that the Q1 2017 statements had a statement on the bottom of them showing what the homeowner should pay if they want to pay the full year in advance.  This amount was incorrect.  For those that paid this amount you will have a credit on your account.

Treasurer’s Report – It was noted that Brandy is willing to take on the position of Treasurer when Ray steps down.

A motion was made, 2nd and approved to add Brandy Bradford as an additional signer on the checking/savings/CD accounts in preparation for the future transition to the position of Treasurer. 

It was noted for the record that at this time only the President and Treasurer are authorized check signers.

Architectural Control Report – No new requests received.

Brandy will be sending Barb the final version of the letter to homeowners that do not get pre-approval for architectural changes. 

Chris asked Christine to review the Fairwood Greens architectural control form and guidelines.

Common Properties Report – Dave reported that he received new playground equipment information from NW Playground Equipment.  He passed it around for review.  They have offered to come out to the park and/or a meeting.

He will have them come out to the park and work up 3 different proposals to present to the Board.

Covenant Enforcement – All homes in violation were reviewed.  There was discussion regarding the possibility of revamping the CC&R violations process.

Unfinished Business – See the outstanding action items below.

New Business – Eileen discussed the idea of a new project of “how to help a neighbor”.  The Board will brainstorm this in the future.

Paul gave a demonstration of possible website revisions.  There was further discussion of what everyone would like to see included.

The meeting adjourned at 9:00 pm.

The next two meetings of the Fairwood West Homeowners’ Association will be the held on Thursday March 9th and Thursday April 13th both at 7 pm.  These meetings are in the portable building at the Nativity Lutheran Church, 17707 140th SE. 

All residents are welcome to attend. 

Respectfully Submitted,
Barb Simeona

Outstanding Action Items –
Brandy – Contact previous big/toy vendor regarding replacement of toy in the park.
Chris, Ray and Eileen – Draft letter to homeowner that appears to be subleasing.
Jan – Handbook of processes for new Board Members
Paul – Website revisions