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Minutes of Meeting
September 20, 2017
Monthly Board Meeting

The regular monthly business meeting of the Fairwood West Homeowners’ Association Board of Trustees was called to order at 7:02 pm on Thursday September 20th, 2017.  Trustees in attendance were Chris Hurless, Ray Byrd, Dave Sherman, Eileen Richards, Christine Sylvia, and Jan Schroeder.  Also in attendance were HOA Bookkeeper Barb Simeona, and four homeowners.



Any changes to the outside of your home must have
an approved architectural control form on file
prior to work being done on the home.

You can locate the form on the Fairwood West website as noted below.

Visit the Fairwood West website located at www.fairwoodcommunitynews.com. Under the navigation bar,
hover over “Active HOAs” and select Fairwood West. 
Here you can find meeting minutes, architectural control
request forms, CC&Rs and contact information.


Renton Regional Fire Authority – No one present to report.

Molasses Creek/Park Pipeline – Chris reported that himself, Ray and Adrian were contacted by the office of Regan Dunn and were invited to the construction site in the park.  They received a report on the current status of the project as well as possible future work that might need to be done.

The final completion schedule is not yet known.  They are contracted thru the end of September.  It does appear that they have hydro seeded so they must be close to completion.

King County will be replacing the fence sections they had to remove.

Chris reported that as soon as the contractors move off-site and open back up the park to us we will re-open the upper portion.  New playground equipment will depend on the 2018 budget approval.

Homeowner Appeals – One homeowner was present to give further details on an email sent in.

Welcoming Committee – Nothing new to report.

Community Events – It was reported that we need to contact the Boy Scout Troop that have done the front entryway holiday lights in the past several years to see if they are interested again.  Eileen said she will reach out to Richard Snyder.

Pride In Ownership – The home located at 13812 SE 161st Pl was chosen for the pride in ownership award.

Minutes of the Previous Meeting A motion was made 2nd and approved to accept the August meeting minutes as presented.

Financial Report The monthly financial report was accepted as presented. 

Treasurer’s Report Ray discussed the proposed 2018 budget.  After discussion it was agreed Ray would make amendments as discussed and present a new copy to the Board over email.

There will be no dues increase and additional funds required will come out of reserves.
Architectural Control Report Nothing new to report.

Common Properties Report Brandy reported via email that she is obtaining another estimate to take care of the trees that were reviewed by the arborist.

There appears to be a broken sprinkler in the front entryway.  Barb will contact the company that works on the sprinklers.

A motion was made, 2nd and approved to hire NW Center to replace our current landscaping company.

A motion was made, 2nd and approved to accept the lower of the 2 bids once received for the tree removal services.  This will hit the contingency line for 2017.

Covenant Enforcement All homes in violation were reviewed. 

Unfinished Business See the outstanding action items below. 

New Business
There was discussion regarding the Annual HOA meeting in October.

Christine noted that a homeowner told her he chipped out his damaged sidewalk, put cones up and King County Roads came out and filled it essentially taking possession of the sidewalk.  She is going to contact King County Roads to find out their policy.

The meeting adjourned at 8:40 pm.

The next two meetings of the Fairwood West Homeowners’ Association will be Thursday October 12th and Thursday November 9th both at 7 pm.  These meetings are in the portable building at the Nativity Lutheran Church, 17707 140th SE.  The October meeting is the annual meeting of the HOA.

All residents are welcome to attend. 

Respectfully Submitted,
Barb Simeona

Outstanding Action Items –
Jan – Handbook of processes for new Board Members
Paul – Website revisions