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The Lake Desire Community

The Lake Desire Community is fortunate to live around quiet Lake Desire, just east of the Fairwood Shopping core on the north side of Petrovitsky Road.

This community features a variety of custom-built homes in a peaceful lake setting.

Fairwood, a friendly bedroom community is a short commute to a variety of Puget Sound locations, including a 30-45 minute commute to Downtown Seattle.


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January 4, 2010

Cat1 Cat2

Available Lost

  1. Cat Available – This grey/black cat has been hanging around our daughter's home in Bonnie Lake for a couple of weeks. She is about 7 months, and is a wonderful, sweet lap cat. She seems to have been abandoned rather than being accustomed to being out.  She has shown no interest in going outside, and would probably be a good house cat. Submitted by Sylvia Strahan, d-s-strahan@q.com.
  2. Cat Lost - Missing very friendly all white cat. He has short hair and green eyes. Missing two weeks now from East Lake Desire. Please call Tammie 425-687-0510, codsky@aol.com.
  3. Cat Found - A beautiful black and smudges of brown cat, about 2-3 years old, very friendly and cold showed up on Christmas at our deck. No collar, looks like an indoor cat very well taken care of that may gave gotten out today. She is under our deck. Debi Callahan, 18554 W Lake Desire SE. Contact 425-226-8474 or callie7588@hotmail.com.
  4. Neighborhood Watch - About a week ago I walked outside and found a guy in my yard that was obviously scouting for or intending a robbery. I surprised him when I opened the door, so he quickly turned to leave. I asked: can I help you ("no"),  who was he looking for (he awkwardly made up a name), where does your friend live (on Lake Desire "Street"), what house number (he didn't know). By then he was almost running to his vehicle, which was running with a driver inside. They took off so fast that so I couldn't see the license plate or model of the dark (black?) truck. He is a tall, medium weight white male, 20 or 30s, dark hair, zip sweatshirt in gray or cream or combo. I called 911 immediately, but the police couldn't follow the truck as they were busy catching the driver of stolen car that was causing accidents. However, an officer just came by to get details from me, and he asked that neighbors call 911, and reference case # 09317639, if they see suspicious activity. Submitted by Dorothy Paun, to.e@comcast.net.
  5. Babysitter Available – Jessica Donaldson was born on Lake Desire. She is now 18 and attending college, but is looking for part time babysitting/nanny job for late afternoon/nights and weekends to help pay for schooling. If interested, please call 425-228-5180. Submitted by Chree Donaldson, thetwenty3rdpsalm@yahoo.com.
  6. Lake Desire Board Meeting – 1/13/10 – 8pm at Vi Anderson’s house at 17232 174th Ave SE, Renton, WA 98058.  Treasurer will give report and books will be audited.  Anyone is welcome.  Contact Vi 425-226-7005 or Heather, Heather@smith.net for details.
  7. Lake Desire Annual Community Meeting – 1/28/10 – 7:30pm at the Clubhouse – Come help plan events for the year or discuss current community issues.  Contact Vi 425-226-7005 or Heather, Heather@smith.net if you would like to add a topic to the agenda.  All neighbors are welcome.  Officers will be announced from mail-in ballots.
  8. Native Plant Sale - Accepting Pre-Orders now until January 31, 2010. Plan now for spring planting! The Pierce Conservation District is taking orders for its 19th Annual Native Tree and Plant Sale. The purpose of this sale is to promote the use of native vegetation in landscaping. Native plants need no additional, fertilizer, or pesticides, or water once established and they are an excellent way to invite birds into your yard.  The District is featuring 30 species of plants native to Western Washington as well as plastic tree tubes and spray on repellent to protect the seedlings from deer, rodent and grass trimmer damage. Species include 6-24 inch conifers such as western red cedar, douglas fir, Fort Lewis ponderosa pine, and noble fir, 10-12” deciduous trees such as Oregon white oak and pacific dogwood, ground covers such as kinnikinnick and salal, and a number of favorite wildlife species such as; evergreen huckleberry, mock orange, american cranberry, red flowering currant, and many more. Pre-orders will be taken from now until January 31st, 2010. Plant materials will be available for pick up February 19 and 20, 2010 at the District office in Puyallup. Prices range from $4 - $21 per bundle of five to ten plants. If you would like to request an order form for our native plants, please call the Pierce Conservation District at (253) 845-9770 or email renes@piercecountycd.org. You may also download an order form from our web site, www.piercecountycd.org. Submitted by Tammie codsky@aol.com.

Lake Desire Website: CLICK HERE

Lake Desire Clubhouse For Rent

Lake Desire Clubhouse Rental
Contact Vi Anderson at 425-226-7005 or woods_inn@msn.com  for details.  Backup is Heather Smith, Heather@smith.net. The clubhouse features a full kitchen, tables and chairs to seat up to 40 people (max 60), and restrooms. Members receive a discount on renting the community clubhouse.  The normal rate is $75 to rent the clubhouse for the whole day or ($15 per hour- min. of 3 hours.) Members can rent the clubhouse at a discount for only $60 per day. Membership is $15 for the calendar year for individuals/families or $10 for senior citizens.

Heather Smith
Lake Desire Secretary
Heather@smith.net or HeatherSmithNet@comcast.net