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December 8, 2008
Nelsen Middle School Reaches Out this Season

December 1, 2008
Nelson Good News for November


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January 6 Updates


Throughout the year, the PTSA continues to work for the benefit of your kids by donating beverages, food, and materials for Nifty Nelsen Night, Jr. Honor Society, Eighth Grade Dance, WASL Snacks, and more.   PTSA also coordinates events such as the Scholastic Book Fair, and organizes volunteers for other requests, e.g., Health Screenings, chaperoning dances, etc.  Many donations come directly from parents and businesses, through the efforts of the PTSA, but without being purchased by the PTSA.

Listed below are "passive fundraising" and other opportunities everyone can utilize to help keep Nelsen PTSA going!

Papa Murphy's Cards For Sale!
For only $5.00, the coupon card has $20.00 worth of Papa Murphy coupons!  Great for those evenings you don't have time to cook!  Please contact Carrie Wong at e-mail sidekik@msn.com, to order your cards

Thank You for Your Donation!
Thank you so very much to the parents who have already donated!  Nelsen PTSA does very little fundraising, and operates on a small budget.  In order to keep the PTSA going, and in lieu of a major fundraiser, we are accepting donations or pledges.  Nelsen PTSA is a non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation and direct donations are tax deductible! If you are looking for a charitable tax deduction, what better way to benefit yourself AND your own kid(s)!  Any amount will help, even $5 or $10!  Remember to check at work for corporate matching funds to maximize your pledge.  This is perfect for end-of-year charitable donations!  Please e-mail Carrie at sidekik@msn.com if you need a donation form.

Nelsen PTSA has been asked to help coordinate snacks for students taking the WASL Tests, but the PTSA's budget alone cannot supply enough snacks for the entire testing period.

We are seeking a few business sponsors, but cannot rely on that.  The people we CAN rely on are YOU, THE PARENTS!  Nelsen families have been fully supportive of the school and all the students, and we know we can count on your help for this!

WASL testing is not until April but, in order to ensure we have enough snacks for the full six-day testing period, we would like to give families a heads-up now.  On your next trip to the grocery store, if you can get a box of granola bars, healthy snacks (no candy, please), snacks with no peanuts (for allergic students), and bring it up to Nelsen's main office, we can start our collection!  We did it last year, and I am confident we can do it again!  More details to be announced in a future update

Sign up for eScrip!
A new, painless way to raise funds for the PTSA.  Local merchants will contribute up to 8% of the purchases you make to the organization.  No receipts, vouchers, certificates, or hassles, and every purchase counts!  Sign-up in the convenience and you’ll learn more about the program on the website.  To register:

Go to http://escrip.com/program/welcome.jsp click on “sign up” and follow the instructions.  The Group Name is Nelsen Middle School, and the Group ID Number is 8565094.  It's easy, quick, and all your shopping at Safeway will support Nelsen PTSA!

Albertson's Community Partner Program
Shop at Albertson's and a percentage of the sales is credited to Nelsen PTSA.  Just give the cashier Nelsen's Community Partner #49000116966.   Or you can sign up for Albertson's Preferred Savings Card with Community Partners online!

· Go to Albertson's Web Site
· If this is your first time you are visiting Albertsons.com, enter your zip code into the box provided on the right-hand side and click the arrow  image
· Once a zip code has been entered, click on the "in the community" link near the bottom of the screen
· Click on the 'Community Partners" logo on the right-hand side located below the "see also:" heading
· Click on the "login or register with your Preferred Savings Card first" link
· Enter the Preferred Savings Card number in the box provided on the left-hand side under the "sign-in:" heading
· Enter the telephone number you signed up with in the box provided
· Once these two items have been entered correctly, Click on the "LOGIN" button
· Once you have logged in, click on the "Find a Partner" image on the right-hand side and locate Nelsen MS PTSA
· A search box will appear allowing you to search by organization name
· Check the box next to Nelsen PTSA and click on the "Add Selected Partners" image
This will link Nelsen with your Preferred Savings Card, and we will start earning money on our purchases

Verizon Wireless School Fundraising Program
Get your family on Verizon Wireless today—and your PTA wins too!  Now you can stay connected on America's Most Reliable Wireless Network and contribute to Nelsen's PTSA in the process - just by signing up for a new line of service on a one- or two-year calling plan.  For each new one- or two-year activation, $25.00 will be paid to Nelsen PTSA.  Please be sure to give them the number for Nelsen PTSA, which is 444, or e-mail Carrie Wong at sidekik@msn.com, for a flyer.  The nearest Verizon Wireless store is located at 622 Southcenter Mall, phone 206-243-6074.  If you are already a Verizon Wireless Customer, any new one- or two-year activations also qualify to earn!  Absolutely no obligations!  This is a great fundraiser, where the Nelsen students win!!

United Way
If you already support United Way, either through your employer or individually, you can support Nelsen PTSA.  On the United Way enrollment form, just specify Nelsen PTSA, and the percentage you wish to contribute.  That's it!  United Way does the rest.  Also, check if your employer will do corporate matching funds (see below).

Matching Gifts
You can increase the impact of your donation!  Many corporations offer donations through payroll deduction, United Way and/or matching gift programs for their employees and retirees.  Please check with your employer to see if they offer payroll donations or a matching gift program.  Some of the many area employers that offer a matching gifts program include:
ATT/Cingular Wireless; Bank of America; Citigroup; Costco Wholesale; IBM Corporation; Microsoft Corporation; Puget Sound Energy; Real Networks; Sprint; Starbucks; The Boeing Company (see below); US Bancorp; Verizon; Washington Mutual

Please work with your employer to set up payroll donations or United Way directly.  If your employer has a specific matching gift form, please complete the employee-related portion and send the form to Nelsen Middle School PTSA, c/o Nelsen, 2403 Jones Ave. S., Renton, 98055, with your donation.  We will manage the rest.  If your employer does not maintain a company-specific form, please e-mail Carrie at sidekik@msn.com and we will provide you with a form.

Employer Donation Programs
Microsoft and many other employers have wonderful donation matching and volunteer hour programs.  Your donation through payroll deduction may be matched equally by your employer.   Many employers also pay for your volunteer time at school.  The time you spend chaperoning field trips, dances, Nifty Nelsen Night, help setting up chairs for music events, any type of volunteer work, can translate to dollars for the school!   Find out if your employer offers these programs – and if you work for Microsoft, please let us know so your volunteer time and donations can be maximized and benefit Nelsen!

If you have a REDCARD you can designate Nelsen Middle School to receive 1% of all your REDCARD purchases.
* Go to Target’s Web Site
* Near the bottom right of the page under Community, click on Take Charge of Education
* Click on Find/Designate a School
* Type in Nelsen and either WA state or 98055 Zip Code
* Nelsen Middle School will come up
* Click Designate This School and fill in the information
This will link Nelsen with your Target REDCARD, and we will start earning money on your purchases

Boeing Matching Funds
· From Within the Boeing Network go to Boeing Community and Education Relations
· In the section labeled Community Programs (green) from the drop-down choose -- "Employee Community Fund"
· On the left side of the displayed page, click on -- "Personalize Giving"
· Click on -- "Go Now"
· Sign on WSSO as necessary
· Click on -- "Personalize my gift"
· Click on -- "Change where I'm designated"
· Click on one of the search icons
· Type "Nelsen Middle School" --
· Click on -- "Select"
· Designate a "%" - any number you choose
· Click -- "Submit change"
This will designate the percentage indicated of you donation to NMS PTSA

Join PTA!
What better way to support all kids by joining the oldest child advocacy organization in the U.S.  The PTA has lobbied Congress since 1937, from child labor laws, to its current mission of advocating for the health, welfare, safety, and education of children and youth in the home, school, community, and place of worship.

One membership adds up to thousands of members, and thousands of voices, all for the kids.  Membership at Nelsen PTSA is only $12.00 per person.  If you need a form, they are available in the main office, or e-mail Carrie at sidekik@msn.com.   When you get to secondary and high school, this really is the best way to stay involved and connected!

This is the most important part of any PTSA. Our organization cannot exist without volunteers - you are the core and the lifeblood!  Your presence at the school is appreciated by not only the teachers and staff, but the students as well. 

You may not be able to commit to any one particular job or position, but if everyone could help just one time during the school year, what a difference it would make. Your support, no matter how much or how little you can offer, translates to a stronger, more cohesive school environment and community-at-large.  Your example will influence your children and others, for years to come.  Inspire them to follow your lead, and help make the future brighter!

Look for volunteer opportunities in future e-mail updates, at school or PTSA events. You do not have to be a PTSA member in order to volunteer (unless you are handling PTSA money - all money handlers must be covered by PTSA's insurance in the event of loss or mismanagement.  Insurance is free for volunteers). 

As a heads-up, here are a few events where help will be needed:

* March 4, 2009 - National Junior Honor Society Induction Ceremony -  Help setting up the reception in the cafeteria, and during the reception.

* 8th Grade Dance Committee -  8th Grade Parents needed to help organize!  More information to be announced.

* Literacy Night and Spring Book Fair -  Dates to be announced.

PTSA Regular Board Meetings
The next meetings will be:

    * January 20, 2009
    * February 24, 2009
    * March 17, 2009
    * April 21, 2009
    * May 19, 2009  [General Membership - Elections]
    * June 16, 2009  [Last Meeting]

All meetings start at 7:00pm, in the Nelsen Theatre room.  Everyone is invited to attend.

We will be embarking on a new era for 2009-10, and are in need of new officers to replace members who are "graduating".  If you are interested in playing a more major role at the school, here is your chance!  Please contact Carrie at sidekik@msn.com to receive more information. 

Thank you, everyone, for your support of Nelsen PTSA, and the students of Nelsen Middle School!!!

Carrie Wong
Nelsen PTSA President