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WoodDale & WoodGrove Communities

WoodDale and WoodGrove are newer developments built between
2008-2010 located on the north end of Fairwood Greens near The Ridge
at Fairwood.

Fairwood, a friendly bedroom community is a short commute to a variety
of Puget Sound locations, including a 30-45 minute commute to Downtown Seattle.

WoodDale / WoodGrove Contact Information

HOA Management Information
Brenda of Condominium Management at bjones@condohoa.net
or (425) 610-4890

Board Members can be reached by emailing: wdwgHOA@gmail.com


President - Rhys Williams
Vice President - Stephannie Karlsson
Treasurer - Marilyn Montenegro
Secretary - Sara Charhon Richards
Architectural Control - Karm Norris















WD/WG HOA Essentials

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WD/WG Homeowners Association Meetings

WoodDale / WoodGrove Homeowners Association Meetings are held on the second Tuesday of each month at 7:00 p.m. All Homeowners are invited to attend.

Please check back for details on Annual HOA meetings. Meeting minutes will offer details on date, time, and location. This larger meeting is held to elect new board members and approve annual budgets.

Volunteers are always welcome. For meeting minutes,
click the links below.

King County Sheriff's Office
14215 SE Petrovitsky
Renton, WA 98058

CLICK HERE for Map View of Meeting Location


April 2013

Other Information
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Articles, By Laws (coming!)

Architectural Approval Form (coming!)